Since ancient times, natural stone has been highly valued and widely used by mankind as a decorative material.

Marble facing on the walls, the presence of stone elements in the interior, exquisite and at the same time massive steps leading to the house, ornate balconies – this all indicated only one thing: the owner’s excellent taste.

Those who handled the raw materials by hand valued their work, and for this reason articles made of natural stone were a luxury item that is not available to everyone.

“Stone taste” has survived in our days. Despite the fact that modernity gave the opportunity to purchase artificial materials, most people prefer the order of marble or granite products in Poland.

If you also want to become the owner of natural beauty of natural stone, then the company “K&T Group” offers its services. The stone lives a century. – Pierre Boeste

Directions of activity of the company

We work in the Polish market since 2014. During this time, we received wide recognition of customers, earned a reputation as the leading supplier of natural stone to the domestic market and became the leader in the processing of natural and artificial raw materials.

Thanks to the well-established supply of material from European and Asian countries, we are always ready to provide the buyer with such services:

  • wholesale and retail supplies of natural and artificial stone in slabs, slabs and finished products;
  • manufacture of fireplaces, countertops, window sills, stairs, balusters, fountains and many other products made of natural and artificial material according to your sketches. Our team employs experienced designers who will realize your ideas “on a turn-key basis”;
  • laying of floors and facing of walls tiles made of natural stone of any complexity.

Thanks to the availability of modern equipment and highly qualified personnel, “K&T Group” guarantees the fulfillment of orders in a short time and in any volumes. The production involves a most powerful in its kind of bridge slitting machine, the table of which is 3.5×2.5 m. This indicates the possibility of cutting parts of any length and geometry!

Additionally, our organization can offer full range of installation services

  1. Facing ladders, platforms, internal or external, horizontal or vertical surfaces in premises of different purposes.
  2. Mounting of structures of any complexity.
  3. Restoration work.

All the advantages of products made of natural stone can be painted for hours, but it is better to contact the company “K&T Group” once. Our proposals will not leave anyone indifferent