The facade on the building is an element of construction, which at the first glance can say a lot about the well-being of the owners. But there are times when a huge and expensive mansion is lost against the background of a small building, which is exquisitely tiled. Modernity pleases us with a huge choice of facing materials, but still the leading positions belong to the natural.

Facing the facade with a natural stone can give the building a special charm and charm, as well as accurately convey the refined taste of its owner. But in addition to the aesthetic option, this material will be an excellent protection against the effects of the surrounding environment and will keep the heat perfectly.

Advantages of using natural stone in facade decoration

Of course, natural materials are endowed with undeniable advantages, especially in the decoration of the facade:

  • buildings under the stone look more advantageous than others;
  • stone facade decoration has served for many long years and is resistant to any influences;
  • stone cladding does not respond to temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet rays and humidity, so it does not deform and does not burn out;
  • even with prolonged use, the stone will not require treatment from mold or fungus, which will save family money;
  • the stone-tiled house will be reliably protected from external fire due to the fireproofness of the material;
  • A wide choice of color and textural solutions will help to choose the best option for any style.

The company “K&T Group” can offer buy facade from stone for facade a variety of rocks: limestone, sandstones of different varieties, sea boulders, shales, pebbles, granite and quartz.


We can make the cladding as one stone, and combine several varieties for maximum aesthetic and functional effect. So, limestones best keep heat, but do not interfere with natural heat exchange. Shell rock perfectly keeps the sounds and fireproof. Sandstone – one of the most unpretentious in the care of materials. The marble facade will look beautiful, stylish and yet such a facing will not cause difficulties due to the ease of processing the stone.

It is not by chance that an increasing number of people prefer lining to natural stone, because it has a beneficial effect on the well-being of tenants. Just imagine that you are surrounded by natural beauty, which pacifies.