Almost every modern person dreams of a big and cozy house, in which it is fun to collect large companies of relatives, friends and acquaintances. The fireplace is almost the most ideal way to recreate just such an atmosphere in any room. Imagine how nice it will be to sit by the fire, watching the fervent play of the flame, enjoy the mischievous crackling of firewood and the overflow of lights in the stone portal. Agree, for relaxation and pacification the best and not find.

Also, the fireplace is able to transform an unrecognizable state any dwelling: in a country house or a city apartment of a high-rise building. Comfort, warmth and no dependence on the vagaries of the weather or the heating season.

Where it is profitable to buy fireplaces and portals?


Fortunately, that these days you can take advantage of the proposals of the company “K&T Group” to order fireplaces and portals from a natural stone

Today to buy a beautiful fireplace you no longer need to treat the upper class, because this luxury with us is more than affordable!

Among the positions that we implement, each of them is not only a decorative detail, but also a very practical construction that will help to cope with any cold. Here you can find for yourself stone fireplaces and portals from two categories:

  • with an open firebox: made of refractory materials with niches (or niches) open to the side of the heated room;
  • with a closed firebox: with a door in a furnace made of heat-resistant glass in a metal frame.

Also these products are classified according to the materials of manufacture: stone, marble or sandstone. You will appreciate all the advantages of natural stone when decorating the furnaces.

You can familiarize yourself with fireplaces and portal sites in the gallery of works, and choose from there any favorite option or create an individual design of your own fireplace or portal with the help of our highly qualified specialists and modern programs.

We guarantee that we will be able to satisfy all your wishes and choose or manufacture a product that fits perfectly into any interior, both a luxurious mansion and small houses. Fireplaces and portals from marble, granite, onyx and agglomerate quartz, many variations of decorative finishes and color solutions once and for all will put the final answer to the query: “Where is it profitable to buy a stone fireplace?»