From time immemorial people considered natural stone the best option, if it was a floor covering. The floor, trimmed with natural minerals, always attracted rapturous looks and testified to the refined taste of the owner and his high position in society. The main thing is that the finish of the floor should be in harmony with the rest of the interior – then its grandeur will be fully revealed. With the help of a stone floor it will be easy to recreate the spirit of antiquity or to emphasize modern design.

Positive qualities of facing with natural stone

  • a rich palette of paint masonry and a wide range of patterns guarantee an incredible beauty appearance;
  • the stone floor is durable, because the material is durable, resistant to mechanical and chemical influences. Correctly packed, it will last for decades;
  • resistance to temperature changes. If you choose the type of stone, taking into account the features of the room and the load, then this cladding does not lose its original appearance, even with prolonged use.

Offers for finishing the floor with stone cladding

The firm “K&T Group” is the leading leader of the stone-processing industry in the domestic market. On our account, hundreds of satisfied customers and established relationships with leading suppliers of natural materials from around the world.

On our website, you can order and buy facing of pilaf from natural stone such varieties:

  • stone tile, which is most often produced in such dimensions – 305x305x10 mm (thickness can vary from 10 to 30 mm), 300x600x20 mm and 600x600x20 mm (thickness of such plates can be 20 mm and 30 mm);
  • stone slabs for flooring, which best convey all the positive qualities of the material due to the large dimensions;
  • art panels. At our disposal are modern programs that help to create a decor of different sizes, patterns and ornaments;
  • mosaic veneer will give uniqueness to the room.

We can purchase a marble, granite, onyx or from agglomerate of quartz and marble. Additionally, you can choose different types of stone slabs for facing: with uniform roughness (ground), with uneven roughness (sawed), glossy (smooth). With us you will be able to destroy any tasks on facing the floor with a stone! Today, the antique style in the design of space is very in demand.