Are you looking for practical, beautiful and reliable material for construction or finishing works? Then buy granite or finished products from it offers the company “K&T Group” at the most attractive rates. We are ready to sell products that fully comply with the norms of radioactivity and environmental friendliness – compliance with the first class of radioactivity, which makes it possible to apply this stone when erecting and decorating premises of any purpose.

Features of granite in construction works

Granite is one of the most durable and durable breeds. This mineral is one of the most abundant igneous rocks on earth. It is based on quartz, admixtures of feldspar and mica. These features make it possible to apply the breed for finishing interiors, exteriors and landscape design.

The mineral has a mass of positive qualities:

  • is immune to temperature changes;
  • has minimal moisture absorption;
  • is endowed with maximum resistance to contamination;
  • the breed has many different colors and shades, a glossy gloss and an attractive appearance.

Despite the natural hardness, marble can be distinguished by cutting, milling and other types of processing. Our company has all the necessary equipment and software to offer not only finished products, but also perform any work on the client’s sketch.

Order granite and products from it in Poland from our organization is easy and fast. We implement:

  • fireplaces and portals;
  • stairs;
  • lining for floor, ceiling and walls;
  • window sills;
  • countertops, bar counters;
  • facing of the facade;
  • steps and balusters.

Buildings and architectural structures of granite exist almost beyond time, they amaze with their grandeur and tranquility. However, most often this mineral is used to decorate walls, facades, front entrances and socles – that’s where it maximizes its monumentality!

In the stone-growing sector we have been for many years, and during this time we established relations with the largest suppliers of natural stone. The absence of intermediaries enables our customers to purchase granite products inexpensively without compromising quality.

Rate our work in the gallery or contact the office to see for yourself – this stone has not in vain captivated artists and sculptors from time immemorial. We decided to order from us – made the right decision!