Marble agglomerate – a kind of natural stone that is made by mixing 95% of the crumb of natural marble and 5% of the highest quality polyester resin. Thanks to this function, buying a marble agglomerate can be inexpensive , and its indicators will be perfect.

Why is it worth buying agglomerate and products from it?

In modern design, the marble agglomerate attracts an increasing number of fans, and good performance and cheap contribute to popularity. Dyeing with special pigments completes the image, because the product is also aesthetically perfect.

Thanks to the team of specialists from “K & amp; T Group” and modern equipment, the product gains external charm and original look. To order a marble agglomerate and its products, we have it for several reasons:

  • able to withstand temperature changes;
  • the surface is hygienic;
  • carries the entire unique beauty of natural marble;
  • has minimal thermal conductivity;
  • shadow saturation, textures and a characteristic pattern are retained throughout the life of the product;
  • there is always a huge selection of color solutions;
  • the material is simple and unpretentious in care.
    We are pleased to offer our clients a full range of services in the processing and production of finished agglomerate marble products:

    • fireplaces and portals; ;
    • window sills;
    • lining for floors, walls and ceilings;
    • external facing materials;
    • kitchen and bathroom counters;
    • stairs, balconies

Available to the company is the latest equipment for processing agglomerate, so you can order a product or building material of any shape and surface.

Experts do not recommend the use of this kind of stone for finishing areas with high patency, but in other cases such a product will be a great alternative to natural. So, buy marble agglomerate – it means receiving a product that perfectly combines the best natural donor rates, not only from the outside, but also technical features .

Due to the lack of intermediaries, we sell products on the most favorable terms. We assure you that only a specialist will be able to distinguish this stone from the natural through its appearance. Choose the best compromise with the K&T Group!