Marble is one of the oldest processed materials. The name of this natural mineral from Greek is translated as “a stone that shines” and this is not surprising, because the average density of the rock allows it to be polished to a shine. Strong and durable, this mineral is susceptible to cutting, milling and other types of processing, which affects a wide variety of products from it.

For more than one century, marble creations have brought beauty to the place where they need it! However, not only aesthetic attractiveness is caused by such a demand for the use of this material for the design of residential and other spaces.

Merits of marble and works from it

This natural breed has many positive qualities, the main of which are:

  • unique decorative properties: the material has a large number of shades, and the designs on the stone reach an incredible amount;
  • excellent hygienic qualities: high ecological purity (natural radioactivity of marble belongs to class 1), porosity and the ability to “breathe”, which positively affects the microclimate of the room.

Marble slabs are also distinguished by a multitude of characteristics that are available for their exploitation.

Marble – not just beauty, which became a symbol of luxury and prosperity, but also a surprisingly practical form of decoration, which is different:

  • increased resistance to unfavorable environmental factors;
  • wear resistance;
  • long service life. Proper installation and design – a guarantee of unlimited use;
  • a huge variety of colors;
  • resistance to acidic attack, as well as to temperature extremes.

Perhaps the only drawback of buying marble products in Poland can be called their high cost, but if you contact the company “K&T Group”, it can be avoided.

We offer a wide range of marble products: fireplaces, stairs, steps, kitchen countertops, decorative panels, window sills, columns or order the decoration of floors and ceilings with this noble material. Moreover, modern equipment and software make it possible to model and further manufacture for you any masterpiece to order.

We have been exporting and processing natural stone since 2014, so we can safely be considered the best in the domestic market.