Onyx is not only the material used in jewelry, it is also widely used in construction and decorative finishing. It was in the latter branches that the stone received the title of one of the most unusual finishing materials. This mineral belongs to the category of metaphoric rocks and has a distant “relationship” with marble, but is considered semi-precious. It is due to such features that the cost of onyx is higher than similar breeds. If you want to acquire a truly luxurious element of decor or interior decoration, then safely choose this material.

Application of onyx in modern construction

The advent of modern technologies makes it possible to master new materials in construction and finishing. So, one of the varieties is marble onyx, which is highly appreciated by designers and clients for incredible beauty and physical characteristics.

Among the many positive aspects of onyx as a natural stone, it is worth highlighting the inherent only this breed:

  • because onyx is one of the subspecies of agate, it has a huge variety of colors, shades and pattern patterns. To order products from onyx you can from milky-white tones to rich brown. Such a wide choice allows designers to realize the most incredible ideas in the manufacture of decorative elements, facing tiles, balusters, handrails, countertops and many other details;
  • “Stone with light” – such a description can be given onyx due to its texture with easy transparency. This feature allows order decorative windows in the house or make a fireplace with onyx decoration;
  • the ability to restrain odors is an essential feature of onyx. Previously, this feature was used in the manufacture of perfume cans.

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