Fireplaces and portals

An integral part and decoration of any interior in a country house or cottage can be for you an excellent
marble fireplace.


In times of hoary antiquity, many people built themselves cozy houses made of wood, and those who were significantly wealthier – made of stone.


Marble – this is not just a floor covering, but an independent element that dictates the style that decorates and transforms the interior.

Facing of facades

Ecological, sturdy facades made of natural stone are a good and right choice, which will say about you as a wise owner who thinks about the future for decades to come.


Do you want to give the interior exclusivity and originality? This can be achieved in various ways, for example – to change your old window sills to new, made of natural stone.

Tables and countertops

Worktops made of such stones as granite and marble will make your kitchen beautiful and comfortable. After all, in a good kitchen it’s nice to cook and create the perfect culinary masterpieces.