Quartz agglomerate is a professional term used to refer to quartz stone. This material in recent years is rapidly gaining popularity in design and construction circles. What is the reason for such a demand?

Characteristic of quartz agglomerate

The reason for the success of the quartz stone is quite simple and logical – it is in no way inferior to the natural analog, and in many ways even surpasses it. And most importantly – buy quartz agglomerate can be inexpensive!

The production process of such a material consists in grinding natural quartz and its vacuum vibrocompression together with polyester resins. As a result, an extremely durable and dense product is obtained without any cracks or porosity. Next, tools with diamond spraying produce a thorough polishing and grinding to give a glossy gloss surface.

As a result of all these manipulations, the quartz agglomerate acquires excellent performance characteristics:

  • strength and reliability. Natural quartz – one of the hardest minerals of the Earth, so its agglomerate is also endowed with this feature;
  • resistance to chemicals. No acids and solvents affect the properties of the material;
  • ecological cleanliness and hygiene. The density of quartz agglomerate does not allow bacteria to penetrate into its structure;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • unpretentiousness in care.

In addition, quartz agglomerate has an increased impact resistance, does not absorb odors and has antibacterial properties.

All these features make it possible to use the material for manufacturing a variety of decorative and finishing elements. The company “K&T Group” offers order and buy products from agglomerate quartz inexpensively, selecting them from a wide list:

  • countertops;
  • fireplaces and portals;
  • bar counters;
  • window sills;
  • sinks and sinks;
  • internal and external facing materials for floors, walls, ceilings.

The availability of modern equipment in combination with the high professionalism of our staff is a guarantee that you will receive a product that fully justifies your expectations. We work on individual orders of any complexity.

Damage to such products will be possible only with a targeted impact of a heavy and hard object, otherwise – you can enjoy the exploitation of stone products that can not be distinguished from natural ones!