Sandstone – a stone of natural origin, in the chemical basis of which lie quartz and quartzite particles. At its sight in memory at once there are images of pyramids in Egypt. Indeed, there is something deserted and ancient in it at the same time. However, these features and is due to the widespread use of this breed in modern construction.

The positive aspects of using sandstone in construction and finishing works

In addition to aesthetic parameters, natural sandstone is characterized by a mass of other qualities that make it an optimal material for construction and finishing. Buy sandstone and finished products from it in Poland company “K&T Group”. We realize natural breeds, which differ in such characteristics:

  • a wide range of shades, colors, sizes and textures;
  • presence of excellent decorative properties;
  • long service life;
  • unpretentiousness in care;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • non-compliance with environmental influences;
  • the surface does not slip.

In addition, natural sandstone, which we have been importing since 2008, has excellent strength indicators (30-100 MPa under compression), moisture absorption (3-6%), fire resistance (up to +1700оC) and porosity (0.7-6%).

Areas of application of sandstone natural stone

Sandstone natural, price which on our site will pleasantly surprise you, is widely used for:

  • facing of buildings, erection of walls and fences;
  • manufacture of tiles for facades;
  • production of elements of landscape design;
  • internal lining of premises of any purpose;
  • manufacturing of fireplaces, bar counters, countertops and other shaped goods.

For us, stone is not just an uninvolved object, our experts are firmly convinced that with its help it is possible to give rooms and the landscape some heat, coziness and stability. It is for this reason that our customers are not limited to standard forms and products. You can always apply to K&T Group your sketch or get the designer’s help in developing the product of your dreams.

We have established cooperation with the world leaders in the extraction of sandstone, so we can buy this material and ready creations from it at the most favorable prices of the domestic market. We are not just professionals of the stone-processing industry of Poland, we are putting our soul into our work!