The application in the interior of the stone window sill attracts an increasing number of customers. However, when it comes time for choice, people start to get lost in a wide range of offers. If you want to install a window sill made of natural stone – then this choice will be the most correct. And there are several reasons for this at once.


Features of stone window sills

To the natural materials humanity has been striving since ancient times. Eco-friendly cleanliness, long service life and excellent performance indicators – that’s what attracts the consumer first. As for the window sill made of natural stone, it also has a lot of advantages:

  • strength – even with long years of use, the product will not lose the original beauty of appearance;
  • high resistance to corrosion, moisture, ultraviolet, temperature fluctuations and chemicals;
  • ease of care. For maintenance of cleanliness enough sponges with soapy solution.

Used materials for the manufacture of window sills

Today, stone windowsills are often made of onyx, marble and granite. Quartz and marble agglomerate are also in demand. 

The first varieties are slightly higher in value than others, because onyx refers to semi-precious stones, however, with their beauty, there is nothing to compare. Marble and granite products are distinguished by ecological purity and an abundance of shades and patterns. Such options will become a symbol of prosperity and respectability.

The company “K&T Group” will execute stone sills of any shape and complexity according to the customer’s sketch: convex outward, round, with different cutouts and decorative protrusions. It is possible to make additional holes for air circulation or to combine the windowsill with other details in the interior, to make a multi-level work of art. At the request of the customer, the surface will be glossy or matte. Fortunately, the issue of configurations is not limited to us.


You can contact us with a ready-made product layout or take the help of a designer. The firm is engaged in a full range of services, starting with measurements and finishing with post-warranty maintenance. Stone window sills, price on which we have more than available, will serve your home or office space for many years and at the same time will not be influenced by time. Take care of the interior today!